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Saturday, June 1, 2013

FOG : Farmville Leaderboard for Upcoming Week !!!

 Hello Farmvillers !!
                      Here is an useful Information  about the  Leaderboard .Below is the expected list of the upcoming leaderboard from 17th  July   2013 to 24th July 2013 ... Use the info to plan wisely and stay ahead of the competition... Remember that the info is accurate at the time of this post, but can change anytime later as and when Zynga decides to change them...More Information about Leaderboard please Scroll Down :      

 Note. Leaderboards discontinued gradually lubricated, you will not find it here.


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Leaderboard For Upcoming weeks 

               Crop :Barcelona Daisy                        
               Harvest in :12  Hours                      
               Buy : 110 Farm  coins                    


Starting Date : 17-July-2013                                 Ending date :24-July-2013

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